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Schaffert Manufacturing

Home of the Rebounder Seed Cover and other Planting Solutions

At Schaffert Mfg., we firmly believe that a better harvest begins with precision adjustments, not only with your planter or drill, but also in the type of attachments you select.

We specialize in customizing a wide variety of attachments and fertilizer application systems to each of your specific needs.


G2 and Mohawks in the field on a John Deere planter


6 row Buffalo planter in the field

Schaffert Mfg. is a short-line dealer for many lines of farm equipment. We also carry parts for these. Renting options are available.


Paul Schaffert demonstrating the features of the G2 fertilizer system and Mohawk Closing Wheels at the 2013 Gateway Farm Expo

Come visit with us at these farm shows to see our products and learn about the exciting new developments we're working on.


A satisfied customer giving a testimonial on the Chicken Tracker

See what our customers are saying about the advantages of our products and top-notch customer service.


Videoing our products in the field

We're continually working to improve no-till farming practices to help farmers gain the most value and production from their resources.

NEW Cast Closing Wheels

New All Cast Mohawk and All Cast Zipper prevents mud buildup.

New Heavier 11.6# Zipper Spyder avaliable!

New Anti-wrap Hub Covers for Mohawks and Zippers.

NEW Stalk Destroyer™

NEW Improved Gauge Arms for John Deere

NEW 4 Link Closer

Standard swing arm tail sections have limited travel up and down, roughly 4″. This often isn’t enough when planting through ditches and over terraces.

The new 4 Link Closer offers double the travel, up to 9″. It also keeps the press wheels from moving in or out as the row unit flexes, giving more even depth control and better seed to soil contact for uniform emergence.

I have never had any better service from any company than Schaffert Manufacturing.

If you call with a question, you can usually talk to Paul, the owner. Or if you have any problems with any of their products, they are handled very quickly, and more than fairly.

  D.S., Nebraska

After testing Schaffert Products this spring, next year I will add more Schaffert Products on the planter. The results speak for themselves.

If that wasn't enough, their customer service is second to none. I am a pleased customer, but better yet, I'll be a returning customer.

  M.D., Kentucky

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