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Hose Holder™

In-Furrow Fertilizer Fitting for the Rebounder

About the Hose Holder

Hose Holder Rebounder attachment placing liquid out front and on top of the seed

The Hose Holder, attached to the top of the Rebounder, distributes the liquid out front and on top of the seed.

This method mixes a little soil in with the fertilizer.

Benefits of the Hose Holder

illustration of the Rebounder hose holder attachment placing liquid on top of the seed in the furrow
  • Places liquids above and on the seed
  • Keeps liquid off discs and planter
  • Distributes liquids evenly in-furrow
  • Hose is secured with molded-in tab
  • Mounts in same spot as the “y” from the Y-Not Split-It Kit
  • Only $3.50 for the kit + S&H

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