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Rebounder Seed Covers


Rebounder Seed Cover

The Rebounder™ Seed Cover is a simple but effective planting attachment that improves the accuracy and uniformity of in-furrow seed placement on planters and drills.


Optional Fittings

In-furrow optional fittings for the Rebounder

Each Rebounder has the option of allowing liquid fertilizer or chemical to be applied in various locations in the furrow to accomodate your specific needs.

 prices vary

Side Fertilizer Placement Solutions

G2 Fertilizer Disc

for John Deere, Kinze, White, Great Plains, Monosem, & Yetter Planters

G2 fertilizer disc and walking beam arm bracket

The G2™ fertilizer disc is a revolutionary method of applying larger quantities of starter or nitrogen fertilizers, 2″-4″ to the side of the row and up to 2″ deep.


Fertilizer Tube for Case IH 800-1250 Series Planters

Stainless steel 2x2 fertilizer tube for Case IH

This fertilizer tube mounts directly to Case IH planter units and moves independently of the covering disc bracket. Its compact design injects fertilizer directly into the slice opened by the Case IH leading cover disc.


Closing Wheels


Mohawk closing wheel

Nothing closes the furrow like the Mohawk™ Closing Wheel. Moves soil with minimal compaction. Made to work in tough soils. Others may look similar but won't perform like the Mohawk.


 80/side (complete assembly)


Zipper closing wheel

Our new Zipper™ Closing Wheel breaks down soil and zips it shut at the same time. It is made to work in tough soils and is designed to break up compaction without being too aggressive.

 85/side (complete assembly)

Chicken Tracker

Chicken Track press wheel

The Chicken Tracker™, designed for planters and drills, mulches and mellows soil over the seed bed rather than smearing soil like solid press wheels can. Eliminates mud build-up and is easy to install. Available as a 2″, 4″, or 6″ press wheel and as a 16″ gauge wheel.

 125/row press wheel

 150/row gauge wheel

Furrow V Closer

Furrow V Closer

If you use no-till or other alternative till planting methods, then you know how difficult it is to properly close the seed furrows. The Furrow V Closer comes up superior in closing the seed trench ahead of the press wheels in heavy, wet soils.


Other Products

4 Link Closer

4 Link Closer tail section shown with the G2 2x2 liquid fertilizer disc on a John Deere planter

The 4 Link Closer™ is a ground following tail section that offers up to 9″ of vertical travel. It allows for consistent fertilizer placement and furrow closing. The 4 Link Closer is made to fit most planters.

 kits start at 550/row

Wheel Scrapers

Gauge wheel scraper for Case IH 1200 planters

The Gauge and Press Wheel Scraper consists of an adjustable poly blade that keeps the depth wheel clean and mud-free allowing you to keep an even and consistent seed depth.

 60/row Gauge wheel scrapers

 50/row Press wheel scrapers

Pump Systems

GX1 single pump and GX2 double pump distribution centers

Looking for a solution that works for YOUR farming and implement conditions? Our liquid fertilizer distribution systems are uniquely designed and assembled to meet the individual customer needs.

 custom pricing


Dig-It Seed Finder personalized for Schaffert Mfg.

Use the Dig-It Seed Finder to find seeds. No mess, no fertilizer on your hands, and personalizable for your company.

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