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Louisiana Grills

Wood Pellet Barbecues

Louisiana Grill Features

Louisiana grill shown open and with all accessories
  • Fantastic Flavor—With Louisiana Grill Pellets—100% Natural
  • Hassle-Free—Automatic Starter—Less than 30 minutes to cook dinner
  • 4-in-1 Grill: Barbecue—Smoke—Convection Bake—Flame Broil
  • Quick Recovery—Primer button allows you to bypass the control board to feed more pellets when lid opens
  • New: Internal Electronic Probe—Free with purchase of a new grill
  • New: Electronic Meat Probe—Free with purchase of a new grill
  • No Chimney—Louisiana Grills have better overall heat control
  • Heavier Metal—14 gauge holds heat better
  • New “Tailgater”—For the sportsman in mind
  • Optional Upper Grill—Increased cooking area
  • Optional Cold Smoker—For cheeses and jerky

Grill Models & Accessories

CS-300: The "Tailgater"

CS-300 'The Tailgator' grill, shown closed CS-300 'The Tailgator' grill, shown open

Grilling on the go! Small enough to take camping, large enough to smoke a turkey. Designed to be used right on the tailgate of your truck, an optional cart assembly is also available for use on the deck.


CS-450 grill, shown closed CS-450 grill, shown open

450 square inches of cooking surface, perfect for 4-6 people. Smoke, bbq, bake, sear, or grill anything you can think of.


CS-570 grill, shown closed CS-570 grill, shown open

570 square inch porcelain coated cooking surface, perfect for family and neighborhood gatherings. This grill is the backyard favorite.


CS-680 grill, shown closed CS-680 grill, shown open

680 square inch porcelain coated cooking surface, the quintessential 'cooking-for-a-crowd' grill.

100% Pure Hardwood Pellets

Louisiana Grills BBQ Pellets are made of 100% natural hardwoods, with no added artifical flavors, spray scents, glues or chemicals. The pellets are held together with the natural lignins found in the wood. The raw wood material is sourced from across the country to make super premium BBQ pellets.

The pellets come in 20 or 40 pound bags in the following varieties:

  • Georgia Pecan
  • Maple/Hickory/Cherry
  • Minnesota Maple
  • New England Apple
  • Pennsylvania Cherry
  • Texas Mesquite
  • Washington Alder
  • Whiskey Barrel
  • Wisconsin Hickory

Rubs & Sauces

Available in 5oz and 24oz containers:

  • Bourbon Molasses Rub 'n' Grill
  • Cajun BBQ
  • Chop House Steak Rub
  • Mandarin Habanero Rub
  • Mesquite Rub 'n' Grill
  • Smokey Spicey Sweet Hot
  • Sweet Heat Rub 'n' Grill
  • Sweet Rib Rub
  • Tennessee Apple Butter
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